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How to spend a perfect weekend in Can Gio? | Travel Guide 2020

Check out a great plenty of tips for spending an amazing weekend in Can Gio for your self-trip. How to get to Can Gio, what to eat and an abundance of unique things to do to keep you busy for two days.

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Why should Can Gio be your must-try destination?


You are always overwhelmed with your office life that it’s too hard to request for a long travel trip…

It seems to be a long time that you have not traveled to anywhere to relax for a whole busy week…

There are not any unique, interesting or adventurous places to discover in Ho Chi Minh city…

Don’t worry! Absolutely, you will not be bored when spending a great weekend in Can Gio – a district that unexpectedly swept me off my feet.

It takes 58 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh city to Can Gio, and 1 hour 30 minutes for travelers with their own bikes. The road is extremely easy and smooth. Seafood was gorgeous. Hanging out by 30/4 beach, playing with monkeys at Monkey island or immersing yourself in fresh Can Gio Ecopark was also unforgettable moments.

Interesting? Keep reading on my tips of good handful of things to do in Can Gio that perfects your 2-days-1-night itinerary by your own motorbike.


How to get to Can Gio?

Can Gio is a coastal suburban district at the Southeast of Sai Gon. Well, many guys still have incorrect thoughts that Can Gio is a separated province or locate outside of Saigon.

But it’s totally wrong!

As the only district locating along the coast of Saigon, Can Gio is considered “a green lung of the city”. It is surrounded by dense rivers, sea and mangrove forest which is also a natural ecological forest with a quite large area.

It sounds spectacular, right? But, the way is pretty easy with two options: motorbike or bus.

Motorbike riders: At Ben Thanh market, follow Le Lai street to Ong Lanh bridge, turn to Hoang Dieu street then Khanh Hoi street. Go straight on Khanh Hoi street, pass Te canal and exit on Nguyen Huu Tho street and turn left on Nguyen Binh street. At the end of Nguyen Binh street, that is Huynh Tan Phat street and you are going to pass Binh Khanh ferry. Once passing Binh Khanh ferry, you are very close to Can Gio.


phà Bình Khánh Cần Giờ
Phà Bình Khánh đi Cần Giờ


Then, following the direction of Sac forest, Can Gio beach is right here.

To reach to Vam Sat Ecotourism Site or Monkey island, pay attention to the sign on your right side, here you go!

(Binh Khanh ferry ticket: 6,000 VND (0.25 USD)/a bike/two persons)


Bus: a great option for people who have not got carsick and love convenience.

From Ben Thanh market, pick up a bus #20 to reach to Binh Khanh ferry. After crossing the ferry, continuously picking up a bus #90 to get to Can Gio beach. How comfortable it is! However, I am a person who feel unwell while I am on the bus. Yup, no choice!

Then, renting a bike when you are around Can Gio is not a bad idea.


Where to stay in Can Gio?

My pick

Perfect my weekend in Can Gio by choosing the right place to stay. And Tan Thai Duong hotel is in such a good location which is near Hang Duong seafood market and 30/4 beach.

It was such a pleasant experience; the staff was very helpful and nice. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a hotel that is budget friendly.

There are not a variety of hotels or home-stays in Can Gio but just a few ones nearby Hang Duong seafood market. Additionally, there are some other good “neighborhoods”:

  • Thai Duong hotel (opposite Tan Thai Duong)
  • Tam Tam hotel (next to Thai Duong)
Cần Giờ hotel
Tan Thai Duong hotel


Nhà nghỉ Cần Giờ
Thai Duong hotel and Tam Tam hotel


Other great places to stay:

  • Hon Ngoc Phuong Nam resort (3 stars)
  • Nhan Trang hotel (1 star)
  • Khanh Van hotel



Magical things to do in Can Gio


Many guys might think that Can Gio is quite small, what do we play?

No no, it’s small but unique. Let’s check out “Top 07 incredible things to do in Can Gio” to keep you active all the times.

I am pretty sure that my travelers cannot explore all these 07 activities within 02 days. I bet. So, I am gonna propose some appropriate itineraries for your reference at the end of this post. Your job is just choosing which one is suitable based on your hobby, timing and distance.



Get back to nature at Vam Sat Ecotourism Site

Vam Sat is a famous Ecotourism Site – the home of many species of plants and animals located in Can Gio biosphere preservation. It takes 45 kilometers from the center of Ho Chi Minh city.

In the past, this mangrove forest was destroyed seriously. Bomb and warfare turned this place into “lifeless” land. After more than 30 years of restoring and protecting, Vam Sat Ecotourism Site has become the hub of scientific research and biodiversity conservation for Vietnamese flora and fauna.

Vam Sat Ecotourism

Vam Sat Ecotourism

Vam Sat Ecotourism


Vam sat Ecotourism


The entrance fee is 55,000 VND/person. For further information of all types of services, take a look here:

To ensure our travelers has a perfect and unforgettable moments, the Ecotourism Management has designed the itinerary of various services. You can try your brave with crocodile fishing. Discovering the Bat Sanctuary Swamp or Bird Sanctuary if you love Vietnamese biodiversity.

How about going fishing for a day of being a farmer? Sounds interesting? Regarding me, it was my great experience for sitting on a boat and explored a tour of Vam Sat forest.

Another proud fact is that Vam Sat Ecotourism Site was recognized by WTO as the sustainable development ecology of the world and the world biosphere reserve by UNESCO. So, why don’t you quickly get a plan to the largest mangrove forest in Vietnam?

Vam Sat Ecotourism Can Gio



Monkey Island – Do you dare to play with them?

Monkey Island is located in Can Gio mangrove biosphere reserve. The best convenient way to visit this home of thousands of monkeys is on the way to 30/4 beach or being back to Sai Gon.

The favorable mild climate is a prerequisite for the proliferation of monkeys, resulting in the current population of more than 2000 monkeys.

The entrance fee is 35,000 VND (1.5 USD)/person (01/2020), and the tram ticket is 15,000 VND (0.6 USD)/person that is gonna help you to go inside the Monkey Island.

Ticket fee to Monkey island

Well, I feel extremely enthusiastic for my first time of witnessing thousands of monkeys. That’s it, monkey is everywhere. But…wait…it will not be cute for a few minutes later. That is a principle reason there are lots of signage to be on the alert. These mischievous monkeys are super best thieves. And I am their pitiful victim.

At a glance, they climbed on my shoulders and stole my glasses. I thought that I have to purchase a new one…fortunately…a security guy had food to lure it and got back my glasses. It may not be funny at all.

So, you should strongly be careful to keep your belongings when you are in the Monkey Island. Glasses, hats, cellphones or any items that are out of your control.

Apart from facing with these “naughty thieves”, it was a definite must-see and no trip to Can Gio is complete without a visit to Monkey Island. Additionally, you can also book a tour here, then no worries can stop you with funny moments with those little monkeys.

Monkey island Can Gio

Monkey island Can Gio



Revel in seafood at Hang Duong market

I am sure that I do not need to mention the most popular place in Can Gio. Taking a trip to Can Gio without visiting Hang Duong market is the most regrettable thing in your life. Seriously!

Hang Duong seafood market


There is an abundance of seafood in the market: crab, shrimp, lobster, fish, octopus, squid, oyster, clam, scallop, blood cockle, …it’s countless.

You can choose fresh seafood and spend a little money to have them cooked and enjoy it right there. However, if you cannot stand waiting due to being much hungry, yup, there are numerous pans of prepared smoky seafood that makes you irresistible. Spending 300,000 VND (~13 USD) is more than enough for a full lunch of 2 persons.

Hang Duong seafood market

Hang Duong seafood market


I believe that this is also the only place to sell food at night including hotpot, some traditional delicacies with seafood, rice and soup. It’s 200,000 VND for a seafood hotpot for 2 persons.


Hang Duong seafood market


You know, I am still on the way to figure out the answer why there are not so many food stores or restaurants at Can Gio although its business of travel has been increasing sharply. Well, may be, they are afraid that it’s strongly hard to compete with Hang Duong seafood market. Or, travelers rarely spend a night but only a day and come back. By the way, it’s still a big opportunity for anyone who want to try and jump in. Good luck!



Explore Thanh An island

Thanh An island is completely separated from Sai Gon and Can Gio and it takes around 70 kilometers to the East of Sai Gon.

After crossing Binh Khanh ferry, go around to find way to Can Thanh wharf (entry fee: 10.000 VND (0.5 USD)/person), you will be able to reach to Thanh An island in 30 minutes. Either leaving your bike at the wharf or bringing it with you to Thanh An island is still convenient. I prefer the second option, you can absolutely ride it around the island to explore the life of fishing.

A trip to Thanh An island is more a cultural exploration than a scenic sightseeing. Go around all every single corner of the streets, you cannot miss to discover how the simple life of warm and kind-heated residents is. Although the life here is still difficult, local people always welcome visitors with friendly smile and warm hug.

As a village at seashore, seafood is easily found with reasonable price at the village or floating rafts beside the coast. Additionally, another main job of these residents is salt making. A great chance to learn a process of making salt.

At the island, piece is the most precious thing you definitely cannot find at the hustle and bustle of the city life. Temporarily putting aside your worry of works, live slowly and indulge yourself in nature and culture.



Take a rest at Phuong Nam Pearl Resort

If you are not lovers of adventurousness, nature or ocean…but just want to stay in the luxury resort to enjoy a qualified rest in Can Gio. Well, Phuong Nam Pearl Resort is your ideal must-try.

It takes 60 kilometers from Saigon in 1-2 hours by motorbikes, this place is located at Duyen Hai street, Dong Tranh, Long Hoa, Can Gio. The resort has been furnished with luxurious and convenient facilities in harmony with nature. There is a system of 70 rooms categorized in 7 types served for all types of travelers.

Besides, the resort has a large pool of salt water and fresh water. Entry fee + 1 type of pool: 50,000 VND (2 USD); + 2 types of pools: 75,000 VND (3 USD).

There is a bridge named Nam Hai with marvelous background for your insta-worthy photos. Additionally, the resort also serves seafood buffet that everything on the menu gonna make your mouth drool, which make it hard to choose. However, the price is gonna quite expensive. Drop your bike at Hang Duong market to buy seafood and bring it to the resort, they will charge your pocket a small amount, it’s not a big deal by the way.



Hang out by 30/4 beach

Yes, my recommendation…but for taking photos or playing with your teammates in a team-building only.

Why? Why can’t we immerse ourselves into the beach?

Actually, I made a visit to Can Gio three times, but I have not ever swum at 30/4 beach…and once I joined a group to collect garbage in my company…lol.

As far as I know, water is black due to such geographical features. However, the fact is that there are lots of garbage around the beach. So, enjoy seafood nearby the beach is more than enough for a perfect day.

30/4 beach Can Gio


30/4 beach Can Gio
Lots of seafood stores nearby the beach

Magical roads for backpackers

We accidentally encounter this road on the way from 30/4 beach to Monkey Island (the same direction back to Saigon), unfortunately, I forgot the name of this mysterious road.

things to do in Can Gio


things to do in Can Gio

things to do in Can Gio


This road is quite wide, deep and deserted. There are two rows of tall luxuriant trees on both sides of the road. Some are with fall colors; some are quite lonely and withered. The deeper we went into the path, the more infinitive the path appeared. There are a handful of backpackers stopped for taking numerous of marvelous photos that seems to be stuck in the horrible movies. How rich my imagination is!

It took a long distance so far, and we didn’t want to be the heroes to rescue the hostages. Return is better now. By the way, I believe that it will be your interesting experience ever during you trip.


Congratulation! That’s it for Top 07 unique things to do in Can Gio for the itinerary of 2 days and 1 night by your own motorbikes.

If you are still considering which activities you should gonna choose for your unforgettable trip, leave your email here then I will send you three unique itineraries for your trip to Can Gio.  Pick up your backpack and go


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